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A philosopher and businessman, Michael Berumen has over 40 years of experience of innovating, managing, and leading -- as a CEO, board member, soldier, entrepreneur, author, scholar, editor, teacher, and as a speaker before international corporate, government, academic, and civic audiences.  


MIchael Berumen is uniquely positioned to help integrate ethical thinking into people's work and personal lives in a way that is simple to understand, highly doable and practical, emotionally satisfying, and intellectually invigorating---and to both inspire and show people who want to be better how they can be better. 

With years of helping and leading others to success, Berumen is also one who knows how to get others to develop into leaders of people, and not mere managers of process, whether in their professional or personal lives -- and notwithstanding their occupation in business, government, labor, or academia, or simply in their day-to-day social interactions. 

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Here are just some of things Michael can address and tailor to your audience:

  • Corporate and organizational responsibility.
  • Doing no evil outweighs doing good. 
  • The law, morality, and their differences.
  • How do we know what is right and what is wrong. 
  • The moral rules and a formula for conduct.
  • The nature of duty and its importance.
  • Fiduciary responsibility: not simply a legal concept.
  • People as ends and not means.
  • The perils of relativism in personal conduct.
  • Believing is not knowing: epistemology for beginners.
  • Misogyny, racism, and bigotry: ending it. 
  • The nature of evil: suffering. 
  • What we can learn from Winston Churchill as moral leaders.