Speeches and Seminars for Thinkers

Personal Consulting



Keynote Speech

Let me know about your organization, what you need, and we'll pick a topic together that will keep 'em wanting more and leaving both motivated and satisfied. 

One hour speech: $2,000 plus travel expenses.  Surcharge of $1,000 for overnight or international travel. 

One Day Seminar on Ethics

A Complete Course in Practical Ethics for Businesses, Professional Groups, Directors, Government, Academics, and Civic groups, large or small, that accounts for the nature and requirements of your organization. 

8 Hour Day: $6,000 plus travel expenses. 

Individual Consulting and Coaching

Conduct an analysis of your organization's "ethical climate and culture" with recommendations or coaching a key member of your organization on his or her conduct dealing with ethical issues and problem areas, including employee abuse, sexual harassment, hostile work environments, or discriminatory behaviors. 

The law is one thing. Doing the right thing is another and of even greater importance. 

Hourly Rate: $500 per hour plus travel expenses.  Surcharge of $1,000 for overnight or international travel.