"Ranks among the very best"

In my role as President and a Director of Pacific Life Insurance Company, I have had the opportunity to hear hundreds of speakers, and Mike Berumen ranks among the very best. Mike has what few speakers have, and that is a long record of success as a senior executive of a Fortune 500 Company, as a very successful entrepreneur, and as a published author on a variety of topics. He has a deep, resonating voice, and an excellent delivery, combined with humor and a message worth hearing. He will entertain and educate your audience with a thoroughly wonderful speech. I recommend him highly. 

Glenn Schafer, President, Pacific Life Insurance Company 

"Eloquent and knowledgable"

Over the years we have invited many business and thought leaders to address this audience, and in Mike's case we were fortunate to have a speaker who qualified in both categories. He is not only eloquent and knowledgeable on the topics he addresses, but on business ethics he demonstrates his commitment to the topic in how he has personally conducted himself for over 30 years on both a local and national stage. I cannot think of a better person, and not just as a speaker, to address your audience.

Brian McGuire, President and Executive Board Member of the Orange County Employee Benefit Council. 

"He provokes you to think"

It isn't often we hear from a bona fide intellectual who is also street smart, but Mike is such a person. Be it ethics, mathematics, the universe, or even politics, he provokes you to think. And while he may conclude with what HE thinks, he gives you space to come to your own conclusions. His book, Do No Evil, takes on ethical issues ranging from the environment, capitalism, business enterprises, government, and individual responsibility, and underlying it all he asks and offers answers to "Why should one be ethical?" Whatever the subject, Mike gives you a thought provoking discourse in plain English you're not likely to find equalled by anyone. 

Gene Lyons, President, Benefits Solutions 

Some of the groups Michael Berumen has addressed.

  • Columbia University
  • California Association of Security Guards Association
  • Los Angeles Casualty Underwriters Association
  • Bertrand Russell Society
  • Pacific Life Insurance Company
  • San Diego Humanist Society
  • Orange County Employee Benefits Council
  • Newport Foundation
  • Los Angeles Breakfast Panel
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
  • California State University, East Bay
  • United States Congress, House Committee on Education and Labor
  • Life Insurance Marketing Association
  • Saint Margaret's Episcopal School
  • University of California, Irvine
  • Los Angeles County Medical Association
  • Motor Car Dealer Association of Southern California
  • Nordstrom Department Store Company
  • Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum 
  • University Club, UCI
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • The Irvine Company